South Buffalo CASH MOB!

The South Buffalo CREW will be hosting South Buffalo’s first CASH MOB event!

So what is a cash mob? As defined by the official Buffalo Cash Mob Facebook page it is:

An idea launched late one night on Twitter as a way to invest in local businesses who invest in our community. We nominate and vote on a local business, set a date, open a two hour window for shoppers, and ask that you spend between $10-20 on their goods or services. No discounts, no coupons. Just straight up cash for a quality local business.

Sounds great to us! Especially since we have a brand new cafe to do it in! Best of all, proceeds from the cafe will benefit the attached non-profit bookstore! It’s a win-win!

So come out Wednesday March 6th from 6 – 8 PM, grab a sandwich and a drink (and even a new book!), meet some great volunteers, and support your neighborhood!

Dog Ears Cafe and Bookstore

688 Abbott Road, South Buffalo, NY 14220


For more info join our group on Facebook

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